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Beijing Realmagic Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading provider of audio and video system solutions and equipments, focusing on 5G, ultra-high-definition, block chain, artificial intelligence, and big data in technical fields such as cloud platforms, edge calculating, and the “cloud, edge, and end” total solutions of smart terminals are provided, which are widely used in the fields of ultra-high-definition production and broadcasting, audio and video transmission security, copyright transactions and protection.
With its advanced technology and high-quality service, Realmagic has become an internationally renowned brand. It adheres to the standpoint of "based on the domestic and global perspective". Realmagic products and solutions have been exported to more than 60 countries and regions around the world, and widely used in the new media, operators, the radio and television station and broadcasters, including Australian, Indian National TV station and Philippine operators, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan national, provincial and municipal broadcasting and television systems etc. Also Realmagic has served video & audio providers such as CCTV, China National Radio, Baidu, iQiyi, LeTV, WeChat platform, Associated Press, Xinhua News Agency etc new Media Company.
Intelligent audio and video solutions and video security service providers
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