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Development History

2008年 Establishment of the company. We have successfully developed the first RM1000 series professional integrated satellite receiver based on IP signal output in China, and then applied it to the terrestrial television source reception system throughout Australia, Mongolia and India.

2009年 The first domestic RM2000 series HD encoder based on H.264 format has been successfully developed and applied to Hunan Telecom IPTV front-end source system on a large scale.

2010年 We have successfully developed the RM9000 series of multi-screen integrated high-definition codec to meet the needs of new media applications, and have been widely used in the future.

2013年 We have successfully developed an ultra-low bitstream codec based on H.265 format, which is the first large-scale commercial in Zhejiang Huashu Group in China.

2014年 We have successfully developed a 4K ultra-clear encoding and transcoding device based on H.265 encoding format, which has been successfully applied to China Cable, Beijing TV, Inner Mongolia TV, China Telecom and other customers.

2015年 China Central Television (CCTV) has adopted Realmagic video products on a large scale.

2016年 Realmagic video products help live broadcast of the European Cup, the Olympic Games.

2017年 Realmagic video products successfully guaranteed CCTV's 2017 Spring Festival Gala and the 19th National Congress of the CPC live broadcast activities on the whole network.

2018年 Successfully completed the Jilin provincial news gathering project, Anhui Telecom 2018 video HLS transcoding construction project.

2019年 Successfully completed the project of "falling in love with the national IPTV integrated broadcast control general platform live broadcast control intelligent scheduling platform".

2020年 More than 30 software copyrights, invention patents and utility model patents have been declared.

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