RM1900 Professional Streaming Media Decoder

      RM1900 series products are professional streaming media decoder, which support multi-interface, multi-protocol, multi-format and multi-channel.
RM1900 are very suitable for DVB and new media applications.
Resolutions supported: from CIF to UH
As H.264 HD decoder, typically: 8/16 channels in 1RU; or 32 channels in 3RU
As H.265 UHD decoder, typically: 1 channels in 1RU; or 4 channels in 3RU
Logo/message overlaying and other add-value features are also supported.
Key Features
· Input Interface:IP/ASI
· Output Interface:12G-SDI/ 6G-SDI/ 3G-SDI/ HD-SDI/ SD-SDI/Component/ Composite/S-Video
· SDI Output:  both 8 bits and 10 bits are supported
· IP input protocols:TS over UDP/RTP/HTTP;FLV over RTMP/HTTP; HLS; RTSP; MMS
· Rich picture processing functions: brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, gamma adjusting; sharpen; pre-processing; high quality de-noise; black the border; insert black border; image covering
· DVB subtitle overlay
· Audio: fixed gain control or dynamic gain control supported
· Video and audio lip sync adjusting
· Up to 48 hours delay for UDP input programs
· Good compatibility for input: creating or fixing PCR automatically; PTS/DTS fixing automatically
· Configuration template supported: predefined templates cover most of the typical applications; user-defined template is also supported for convenient
· Parameters can be modified in batch: one or a few parameters of all channels can be set up ok by one single submit
· Clear system status information, including system load level, CPU temperature; input bitrate/frame-count/load-level of each channel
· Management via WEB
· Real time monitoring, alarm messages and log supported
· Json API can be provided, according to customers specific requirements
Video formats
· H.264/AVC Main Profile Level 1 - 3
· H.264/AVC High Profile Level 3 - 5.2
· AVS Profile JiZhun Level 1 - 4.0
· AVS+ Profile GuangDian 1 - 4.0
· H.265/HEVC Main Profile Level 1.0 - 5.1
· H.265/HEVC Main10 Profile Level 1.0 - 5.1
· MPEG-2 Main Profile, Main Level; MPEG-2 Main Profile, High Level
Audio Formats
· MPEG1 Layer II
· MP3
Input Interfaces
· 2 x Gigabit ports (up to 6 )
· 4 x ASI (optional)
Output Interfaces
· 4 x SDI (optional)
· 8 x SDI (optional)
· 1 x SDI /Components/Composite/S-Video (optional)
Physical and Power
· Size: 1RU, 482X680X44(mm)
· Weight: 9Kg
· Power: 100-240 VAC Auto-ranging
· Power Consumption: Max 300W
· Operating Temp: 0℃ - +50℃
· Humidity: 5 - 95%



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